Sports stars at the center of Nike’s incredible campus

Nike is committed to avant-garde architecture, energy savings and efficiency to create iconic buildings named after sports stars.

Nike is committed to avant-garde architecture, energy savings and efficiency to create iconic buildings named after sports stars.

Oregon is a state in North America that has approximately half the size of our country. It also has a population density much lower than that of Spain, with only 16 inhabitants per square kilometer, far from the 93 that are recorded in our records. Our climate, obviously, is much better, our character, too, and History, with capital letters, is not even named. However, there is something that Oregon has and, in my opinion, we are missing: the incredible campus or headquarters of Nike, one of the most important sports companies in the world, with permission from adidas. A campus that is being renovated and strengthened in recent years.

Oregon is the US state where the campus of one of the most important sports brands in the world is located, the Nike campus.

Nike’s new sports campus

The Nike World Headquarters is located in the city of Beaverton, and is the headquarters of the almighty multinational sports company. There, its technicians design, test and create its products for athletes, with the highest technology that we can imagine, a mission only suitable for fans of hard work. However, that the work is intense does not mean that they have to have a bad time, with this philosophy the company launched an ambitious expansion of its infrastructures in 2014, starting with the reinvention of its buildings.

In recent years, Nike has expanded its campus by adding 300,000 square meters of space in offices, laboratories and parking lots.

NIKE’s idea was based on adding some 300,000 square meters of space for new offices, mixed uses, laboratories, parking lots and outdoor sports areas. At the beginning of the project, there were going to be three architecture studios that were going to be in charge of urban development: ZGF Architects, experts in Universities, SRG Partnership, a company with an innovative mentality, and Skylab Architecture, another that designs with great professionalism. On the other hand, the company PLACE, which speaks English, Spanish and Chinese, would be in charge of the landscape architecture services.

One of the peculiarities of the Nike campus is that each building bears the name of an important and recognized athlete in the world

Nike buildings bear the names of the great athletes of history

In this new campus, the tradition of Nike is maintained, giving names of famous athletes to the buildings of the complex. Following the line set by the company since 1992, the building was named Nolan Ryan, in honor of the Texas baseball player who triumphed in the beautiful game of the US during the 70s and 80s. This project is from TVA Architects, the studio that started the magnificent building choreography that this part of Oregon has been transformed into.

A total of six buildings were built in the Nike campus expansion

After Ryan came other athletes, iconic stars that will never be forgotten, such as Tiger Woods, Mia Hamm, a building also designed by TVA, Pete Sampras, Michael Jordan, John McEnroe or Dan Fouts. Any fan can find a reference that involves him in this campus, so that inspiration is more than assured.

The new constructions have all the requirements and facilities to be efficient and sustainable buildings

Efficient and sustainable Nike campus buildings

But the Nike empire, which in ancient Greece was the name of a winged goddess, could not be without the icons of modernity sports. With the new extension, in which six buildings were to be built, the need arose to find more names to elevate in the new constructions. However, before unveiling them, it should be noted that the new properties are, or are in the process of being, efficient constructions, aiming to be certified as LEED Platinum, and consolidate as spaces that reduce the carbon footprint.

The new constructions are also baptized with the names of athletes. LeBron James is one of them

To achieve this, designs have been implemented where natural light is used to the maximum; specific radiant systems are used to cool or heat large volumes; gray water is treated, purifying it to reuse it in the large green areas of the campus; or active chilled beams are used, temperature conditioning systems that use the exchange of temperature in air-water circuits, very efficient and with low energy consumption. All this reinforces the brand’s idea of ​​growing by nurturing innovation and respect for the environment. Noble idea on the other hand.

The campus has added two car parks named LA Garage and NYC Garage in honor of the cities of Los Angeles and New York.

Two car parks, two office buildings, a gym and a multipurpose space

Nike’s new buildings are two car parks named LA Garage and NYC Garage, in reference to the cities of Los Angeles and New York. These are two office buildings that honor athletes Serena Williams and Sebastian Coe, a gym named after coach Mike Krzyzewski, and the most recent of the group, a multipurpose building that will be named after LeBron James, you know, the of the $ 52 million home… or not.

Also Serena Williams, Sebastian Coe and Mike Krzyzewski have buildings in honor of them

Hoffman Construction has been the construction company that has been in charge of the execution of the works, at least, of the finished buildings: LA Garage, NYC Garage, Sebastian Coe and Mike Krzyzewski, both designed by ZGF Architects. The magnificent Serena Williams building is still in execution. This has been designed by Skylab Architecture, and it was expected to conclude in 2019. The Williams will be the largest building on campus with 90,000 square meters, surpassing the 43,000 of the Coe building.

The largest building on campus will be Serena Williams at 90,000 square meters. It is still under construction

LeBron James has a building named after him

The LA and NYC garages were designed by the SRG Partnership studio. The architects gave these buildings easily identifiable identities with the cities from which their names emanate, such as storytelling about Los Angeles sports, including the 1984 Summer Olympics and the city’s professional teams. The NYC has levels representing the New York City championship teams, and graphite walls paved and painted by various artists.

LeBron James inaugurated the building that bears his name this year

The last building to receive baptism is the one that honors LeBron James. The event took place this year, when the company released the building’s infographics. The athlete, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, a three-time NBA champion and a four-time NBA MVP, was very proud and demonstrated it by saying, “It’s so surreal. It has been an honor to be a part of such a great company for the past 18 years. Knowing that a building with my name will reside on campus is a real honor and I feel really special.»

The new Nike campus will have NBA courts, two resistance tracks and an artificial turf training field

Office buildings, basketball courts, and endurance courts

The building, designed by the firm Olson Kundig, will be the headquarters of Nike’s Advanced Innovation team, a state-of-the-art sports research laboratory, where scientists, designers, engineers and more will focus on inventing products and services for the future athletes. In addition, the facilities will have an NBA-size basketball court, a 200-meter resistance track, a 100-meter straight, and a training field with artificial turf.

The campus has all the facilities for athletes to train and test Nike innovations

The building has an exterior ramp of 150 meters with an incline close to 15%, which offers athletes the possibility of training in construction. Construction that, by the way, will be carried out by the Mortenson Construction company. The alliance of large companies with architecture always leaves a good taste in our mouths. Nothing like the synergy of good manners to raise our spirit to higher heights. Nothing like sport and art to elevate the human being.

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