The Spectacular $ 52 Million Mansion… Of LeBron James?

It is not known for sure if the NBA star has bought this gigantic mansion. In any case, it is a property for someone with good taste.

It is not known for sure if the NBA star has bought this gigantic mansion. In any case, it is a property for someone with good taste.

The news spread like wildfire and crossed the fictitious barriers that limit the different states of North America. Almost at the same time, it jumped out of the common that delimits them, reaching any place in the earthly orb. And it is not for less. The news that an internationally famous NBA star has bought a mansion for 52 million dollars, 45.5 euros, is so juicy that any media outlet must take it for granted and publish it. However, is it true that LeBron James has bought this mansion?

The residence is located at 9272 Robin Drive, Los Angeles, and responds to the title of Robin, a name given to him by the home’s designer, Paul McClean, a famous architect of the North American coast who, in fairness, seems to have very good taste for the design of luxury single-family homes. This can be clearly seen in the wonders listed on their website. Onerous mansions that display all their splendor inside and outside their perimeter walls.

A mansion for someone with good taste

The house completed its construction in September 2018, so it is not surprising that it looks fresh, different and with attributes that make it intoxicatingly beautiful to the most contemporary eyes. Its location is ideal, at the end of a street, on a prominent hill, surrounded by other luxury homes. This allows the mansion to have views of the city of Los Angeles worthy of any «modern king», such as LeBron James, nicknamed The King in the world of basketball.

These data make the acquisition of this marvel of architecture by the millionaire athlete more realistic. However, for this reason the news becomes more truthful. And it is that in the world of famous things are not always what they seem, any hint can lead to more or less interested confusion as, it seems, this has been the case. The facts stem from an Instagram account called mega mansions, which uploaded snapshots of the building in April this year, describing the mansion with great skill and precision.

A trick question

LeBron, who has 68 million followers on Instagram and, aware like other stars of how popular the social network is, saw the snapshots and asked: “Someone’s property? On sale? Asking for a friend». Immediately the comments of his many fans jumped attributing interest in the mansion, and even, directly attributing his ownership, causing the news to jump to the media. Anyway, things that happen.

Thanks to this confusion we have discovered that the construction company behind the property is called JD Group. They are responsible for the more than 1,480 square meters of constructed area in this T-shaped building. The mansion has three floors, a basement, two floors on the top of the T, and a floor on the other section. To access its interior, you have to go through a motorized curved door, which gives vehicles access to the basement, where the garage is located.

Elegance and good materials

Upon entering, we are greeted by a rocky marble mural, whose pieces have been taken from the same block and placed so that their polished parts fit symmetrically. The other walls are made up of ceramic pieces and large metal doors, which accompany us until we leave the access area. Inside the site, we can see that all the railings are glazed fixed to the edge of the slab, which gives them greater elegance and safety of use.

On one side of the T there is a floating bridge made of large pieces of stone, over a pond with a bed of white gravel, an invitation to rest. From it there is access to two impressive living rooms with dining room, kitchen and a colossal television, although the best thing is that the rooms are flanked by huge marble mosaics like the exterior, which house each fireplace.

The head of engineering, Parker-Resnick, created a structure that allows the floor to work in two huge cantilevers supported by the monolithic interior structures. This allows an open space without visible pillars. In addition, on this slab there is a sports field.

Large windows everywhere

All the carpentry in the mansion goes from floor to ceiling, allowing views in any direction, which helps to live better, especially when most of this carpentry is sliding doors of enormous dimensions. Come on, inside you can be like on an outdoor terrace. Of course, the object of dark desires in this home is a luxurious boomerang-shaped pool with an infinity edge. In addition, the pool has an island inside, which allows for a central fire pit. Speechless.

The surroundings of the mansion are surrounded by green: lawns, trees and shrubs that nourish the life of the users with oxygen. The rooms are located on the top floor, with a master suite with views of the city and a terrace and garden in it. The bathrooms are pure luxury, with marble on the walls, including the bathtub.

The rest of the building has the routine: multimedia room, bar, gym, billiard room, golf simulator, a wine cellar, etc. Nothing in particular for a luxury single-family home built on 2,600 square meters of land.

LeBron James is not the owner of the mansion

Anyway, to finish, and that we do not get red cheeks, we must conclude that everything indicates that LeBron James is not the owner of this fabulous mansion. The Los Angeles Times newspaper broke the news on June 19 explaining that the athlete was not the buyer, and that the rightful buyer had purchased the home for $ 42.5 million in February, about 37 euros.

A shame for James, who was late. Or is the company that bought the home owned by you? And was the athlete joking on Instagram? Umn… Everything is possible, even if only in hypothesis.

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