Virtual tour of Joe Biden’s «other» White House

We propose a virtual visit to one of the residences of Joe Biden, the next, if Trump does not prevent it, President of the United States.

We propose a virtual visit to one of the residences of Joe Biden, the next, if Trump does not prevent it, President of the United States.

If you hear that the new center of power in the United States is located at 626 Chain Bridge Road Mclean, in Fairfax County, Virginia, do not think that it is the White House that Donald Trump occupies, well, that he occupies for now, of course. No. This is another White House, one that was occupied until recently by the candidate for US president, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s other White House is located at 626 Chain Bridge Road Mclean in Virginia

The other White House of Joe Biden

And it is that, according to what they tell us from the other shore of the Atlantic, Biden spent many hours and days in this building in Virginia, making plans for his triumph. A time when he was surrounded by those luxuries that make work (telecommuting?) more bearable, such as a grand piano, velvet sofas, art in the form of paintings, generous expanses of nature around us, and some other minutiae that this brand new mansion, built in 1989, and that is only fourteen minutes by car from the real White House.

It is a luxurious mansion from 1989 located just 14 minutes by car from the White House

Joe Biden rented this property in 2017 from Mark Ein, a billionaire who bought it in June 2016 for 4.25 million dollars, 3.58 euros, who is also a neighbor. According to estimates by the Zillow company, the politician could be paying $19,000 a month for housing, about 16,000 euros. An amount that would not be a problem for Biden. According to the Washington Post, the former vice president would have done a good business since he left office, earning a few million dollars per speech, for which he could charge $200,000, about 169,000 euros.

Joe Biden has the property for rent and pays about $19,000 a month for it

The house has a Georgian style

The farm has around 1,114 square meters of built area. From the rectangular ground plan an extension is born to its left, like an arm, and it has a markedly Georgian style, despite its modern construction. It is called the Georgian style because it was the most widely used during the 18th and 19th centuries, when the throne of England was in the hands of four kings named George. It is also called colonial style and was the most used in North America.

Georgian-style housing has been the refuge from which Biden has developed his political strategy in recent months.

The residence has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. In addition to an area of 4,000 square meters heavily wooded, where free spaces are not lacking for mental rest or political lucubration. The house is distributed over three floors, so that the property is entered on floor one, not the ground floor, which overlooks the rear of the property through generous French-style doors.

The farm has 1,114 square meters built and 4,000 of garden

Located on the US Gold Coast

From the back of the building you can see the Potomac River, as well as another impressive mansion that, from what we see in the area, is the usual, since it is one of the most desired locations by personalities in the US. Such is its success that they call it the Gold Coast.

In the front part, it has a generous open space of cobblestones in which up to 20 vehicles can fit, ideal for parties or work meetings. In addition, Biden is not the first politician to occupy the house, since the house was owned by Alexander Haig, former secretary of state of the American government.

The back of the house overlooks the banks of the Potomac River, one of the most desired locations for personalities in the United States

Joe Biden’s place of rest and reflection

Of course, the mini white house has served Joe Biden well, providing him with the necessary comfort thanks to its brick walls and slate roof. Although we must clarify that the cover has disappointed us a bit. And it is that it is a traditional roof simulation, which ends a few meters away. The rest is flat, thus breaking the Georgian tradition of hipped slabs, although it maintains the aesthetic seen from the ground. In short, everything could not be perfect.

The house has a slate and brick roof.

The interior does not disappoint, thanks to its large rooms, since the main ones have a bathroom, living room and beautiful dressing rooms. The house continues with two fantastic staircases, a renovated marble kitchen, a cinema room, a games room, a gym that includes a sauna and a generous library. In addition to marble fireplaces, a well-equipped bar, and a terrace on its first floor worth visiting. The flooring that covers almost the entire house is made of dark wood, giving a serious and elegant touch, in contrast to the walls in neutral tones.

The house has a library, a game room, a cinema room, a full kitchen, a bar and several main suites with a living room, bathroom and dressing room.

The housing cover gives it the title of mini White House

However, the fact of comparing this building with the White House has nothing to do with the residence of the Biden family, but with the design of its main facade. It is an imitation in reddish tones, thanks to the brick finish, but which maintains an upper triangular pediment. It is reached by four enormous white columns two storeys high, and large carpentry openings on the sides, with small triangular lintels on the lower floor and none on the upper one.

The title of mini White House has been earned by the design of its main façade, with an upper triangular pediment and its four two-storey white columns.

Perhaps the residence is a bit old by today’s modern standards. But it is clear that Biden has been helped by him to reach the powerful position of President of the United States. So it is well worth spending a few minutes and viewing the 3D recreation made by the company Homevisit at the following link. Still, it gives us a good idea.

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