The future Big-House of Jennifer Lawrence

The actress has visited a 19th-century building, a former factory of binding converted into luxury apartments.

The actress has visited a 19th-century building, a former factory of binding converted into luxury apartments.

001 443 Greenwich street 89858552

Tom didn’t like the judge´s decision, the sentence forced to him and his partner, to stay together, but he was so cold and calculator that neither seemed to affect him. He didn’t really know how John had heard of the Uma Thurman´s apartment, but like stepping back was not an option (at least for now), is satisfied with not losing the piece of the cake from the company that had created and managed both.

John, however, ached so much the betrayal of fellow and (so far) friend, so much that he had denounced it with an expensive lawyer, pity that it had not worked. The worst thing was to see to the Mole (nickname of Tom) walking through the office as if nothing. Looking towards the wall, behind which was the office of his partner, opened the second drawer of his desk, he pulled out a dossier, inside an article that would revolutionize the edition of that day, sure.

002 joy-2

Jennifer Lawrence, the best It-girl of the moment (with permission of Anine Bing), had interested in the emblematic rehabilitation carried out one year ago in the trendy neighborhood: TriBeCa, nothing more and nothing less than the 443 Greenwich Street, Manhattan. The famous warrior of the Hunger Games, had approached a penthouse in the same neighborhood, at 140 Franklin Street, but, so it seemed, was not her approval.

The industrial district TriBeCa had been transformed over time in an upscale residential neighborhood, since in the decades of the seventies and eighties began to move to it famous and other celebrities. The 443 Greenwich Street was designed and built in 1884 by Charles C. Haight for to host a workshop of bookbinding, is a seven storey building that also abuts the Desbrosses streets and Vestry.

003 design-common-2_compressed

The article, written by a promise from the magazine called Alicia Kyes (as the television channel KYES of Anchorage, Alaska), described with thoroughness as the building was composed of walls of red ceramic brick, with more than 600 windows in its perimeter and a courtyard of 280 square meters. Below this there is a private entrance for the tenants of the building and a garage for 15 cars with a spectacular barrel vault and access from the North and the South.

004 Cropped-courtyard-garden-view-2-1024x701

The courtyard, designed by HM White, surprises from the lobby to the friendly visitors and owners happy with generous trees Sassafras (species of Eastern North America and Eastern Asia up to 18 meters in length) that will make the stations with its bloom. According the designers, the cost amounted to 2.80 billion dollars (2.52 euros). In the basement, an indoor swimming pool of 22 meters long, a Turkish bath, gym, wine cellar (of course with temperature controlled), storage rooms and games room (for infants).

005 design-common-1_compressed

Anti (nickname of John) he read with expectation that the building had been designed inside by the study of architecture Cetra Ruddy, how the One Madison, adapting it for 53 exclusive residences. The design is (naturally) inspired by the industrial past of the building, taking advantage its enormous proportions to introduce handcrafted details and modern materials, making cozier its inside. The residences are distributed inside of form almost whimsical, enjoying to the most of the natural light.

006 design-living-1_compressed

The success of the promotion has been awesome, so much so that the newly completed rehabilitation only have 14 free residential units. The unit which has caught the attention of the protagonist of Joy (last film of the actress), is the unit 3A, 394 square meters, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, private elevator and 14 windows, for a total of 14.4 million dollars (12.96 euros), this expenditure must be added the amount of monthly maintenance expenses $5.278 and 4.575 of tax (4,750-4.117 euros respectively).

007 design-living-2_compressed

But the jewel of the crown is still free, the top-floor duplex costs 52 million dollars (47 euros) and strives to be the most expensive in New York. It occupies an area of 796 square metres and 334 square meters of terrace, has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 33 windows, library, multimedia room and games room, as well as, obviously, private lift. It is rumored that an international star of the sport was about to buy it, «its identity, probably never we will know it» added the journalist bold.

008 design-kitchen-2_compressed

And is that, if something they boast in the 443 Greenwich Street, is of a strict control on external actions, or, put another way, against the entry of Paparazzi, which pleases to the numerous celebrities that fill New York. Finished marble and slate, glass etching acid, oak flooring, antique bronze and stainless steel expect to the owners, along with details such as refrigerators for 70 bottles of wine, two dishwasher or separate bathtubs.

009 design-master-bathroom-1_compressed

One company that has contributed to the commercial success is Pentagram, Natasha Jen and her team have made a spectacular Monogram inspired by the industrial past of the building and its characteristic plant. They have created a marketing that took into account aspects as diverse as the materials used in rehabilitation and the typography of the era (the logo uses the font Sans Serif, contemporary version of the Johnston font, typography developed almost on par with the construction of the building).

010 _MG_9469.0

There were also details of the reform of the property: the original wooden beams and pillars were treated and rehabilitated supported by metal reinforcements (mechanical joints, IPE and HEB beams for the transmission of stress). The slabs were built of galvanized ribbed sheet (construction system in which is folded a steel sheet giving greater rigidity) with reinforced concrete such as slab. Of course, the journalist was in all.

011 _MG_9501.0

The area of the building covers almost 20,000 square meters and the promoters have the hope to achieve the LEED Certification. Finally, the article speak of two unique elements: two glass stairs of 32 meters in height, reaching up to the patio and the unbelievable passable elliptical skylight of glass laminate and supported by steel turnbuckles, a boast of engineering typical of the company that carried it out, Thornton Tomasetti.

012 phpThumb_generated_thumbnail

Anti got his hands behind his head, promised that as long as he was ballasting by the presence of the Mole he would try to not give him more fame to the magazine. But he knew that he could not hide too long a so good article, it was not fair for his readers or his reporter promising. «In short, we’re going to leave the revenge for another time», thought while exiting with the dossier in the hand.

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