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The hidden cottage of Manhattan

At the top of a building built two centuries ago is located the tallest cottage of New York, now for sale. A hidden cottage between the crowded streets of Manhattan? Close to the most popular shopping areas? In the top of a building? No, not everything is possible in the most famous city in the world, although, in

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The Titanium Armour

The first building in US that use as exterior cladding the titanium… and it is a Library!! Hi, a great friend reproached me than, reading my articles, he was waiting with joy that I visited his island («his» because it is your property, not because he live there). I had not forgotten the Oak Island,

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The future Big-House of Jennifer Lawrence

The actress has visited a 19th-century building, a former factory of binding converted into luxury apartments. Tom didn’t like the judge´s decision, the sentence forced to him and his partner, to stay together, but he was so cold and calculator that neither seemed to affect him. He didn’t really know how John had heard of

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The Monument Hotel

A Super Luxury Hotel just opened in the Paseo de Gracia, in Barcelona, a wonderful modernist Mansion. «I will go with you to see a new monument» said Immaculate with some sarcasm, he knew her like the back of his hand and he did not believed her. «No em menteixis», Manel said in catalan, later

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A new station for New York

Have decided to reform Pennsylvania station and turn it into a benchmark for the new 21st century… Do you build it? «What would do you, Carmen?», thought Laura, a call has turned upside down her world, her always eventual world, because, if anything was clear for the protagonist of this story, is that all her

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Louvre versus Louvre

A Palace with more than five hundred years of history reconverted to the most famous Museum in the world. Hi, when you live in a family with significant load throughout the history, you need to learn to young age that you have a responsibility with your ancestors and, obviously, your present (the future is always

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