The housing more healthy of Spain

Living in a building that cares and protects the environment and its users is the leitmotiv of the Wellness Real Estate.

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«I propose a game, if you guess of which building I going to talk now, I will give you a gift, D’acord?», said, with emotion in his tone of voice the motley librarian, Manel Capdevila, to his three daughters. They were sitting next to him in the terrace of On coffee, in the number 96 of the Paseo de San Juan, located just before get to the crossing with the Avenue Diagonal. «Per descomptat!» exclaimed Gisela, the most young of the three (eighteen springs, never better said).

Manel was in front of her, looked very distracted (not could avoid it), the fantastic Church of Sant Francesc de Sales, the work master of Joan Martorell i Montells, architect and master of his revered Gaudí. To both sides were Mercedes, his eldest daughter, and Immaculate, the most focused of the three (in all the aspects), she was on her back to the Divinity Hair Salon, where not a few times had enjoyed its services.

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«Already know what I have said from very girls, the perseverance has award, one estate of this building is reforming for convert it in the home more healthy of Spain», made a pause, to check that his three Suns were attentive to the development, «the company that has conceived this feat is called Privalore, and the property of which I speak is here same, in Barcelona’s Eixample, in one of the most privileged areas of the city.

Do you know what is the Crowdfunding? -asked, for respond then to oneself same- is a form of collaboration cooperative in which several people provide an endowment to cover an end common. Thus, the company Privalore is the first that make this kind of action in the real estate sector in our country, providing customers a juicy profit economic… and social. For example, the house of which I speak is in an area of high probability of sale due to its excellent location and the scarcity of units for sale (3.8 per cent).

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The building was built in the decade of the 1970s, has 100 metres square and access to a parking own. Privalore managed the purchase to the low, in other words, cost 285,000 euros, when its price assessed was of little more than 300,000 (these guys have future). After a calm study, they raised a reform and sale in a term of eight months, this reform will consist in delete a room (remaining three rooms), getting a kitchen and a lounge more spacious, and update the baths.

In its platform Crowdfunding, they put to the disposal of who would like the possibility of provide an amount, starting from the 1,000 euros, until arrive to the 100,000. Previously, they requested a mortgage loan to La Caixa worth 171.000 euros. The works already have started and expect have the reform after of January of 2,017, in end, the calculations of the benefits is located on the 11.4%, or, what is it same, 114 euros of each 1,000 invested. I see them wrong… Tens algun dubte?»

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The three «girls» looked at each other, they did not know how to say what was very interesting what he said her beloved father, but they were surprised to hear him talk about economics and not of culture, architecture or history (his favorite subjects). Mercedes sighed and replied diplomatically, «forgive us dad, today we are a little thick», was the most responsible of the her three sisters, not in vain, she had to help in the raising of her family when the mother died.

Capdevila knew perfectly to his daughters, and could not avoid swell of pride to see her reaction, restrained and altruistic. Without notice he continued where had left him, «However, the Privalore company provides more than economic benefits – the face of the women became more lively, especially Immaculate, whose face was a faithful reflection of her soul – provide finishes Wellness housing, transforming it into outstanding not only for who inhabits it, but also for the environment.»

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They are the first in Spain that used the Wellness Building Standard, a concept by which, applying until 540 variable, is gets lengthen the life of the users of the buildings of form sustainable. These premises (studied by different professional) are grouped in seven categories: water, air, nutrition, light, comfort, fitness and mind. Not is of wonder that, with this base, the campaign of crowdfunding outside the more rapid until the date: 30 investors contributed them 100,000 euros in so only four hours.

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Nor is of wonder that to its around is has agglutinated a good number of companies interested in the project real estate more healthy. Culligan provides its knowledge in the sector of the water (indeed, analyzed the water of your home free of charge), Audiotec makes it own with the comfort acoustic (have more than 3,960 solutions for the soundproofing), the recognized Pere Leon is specialized in the analysis geobiological (carry 20 years creating spaces healthy, in harmony with the nature and without radiation). If not you’ve heard of geobiological architecture, have you not heard about them.

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We should not forget to Lavola, that has selected the materials more healthy and sustainable for the project (they are specialists in sustainability and calculate the carbon footprint of your building or company, do you dare?) or Led y Spa that provide the most efficient and bright led lighting (Spanish product of domestic lighting, professional, industrial and road, who give more?). Between everyone going to provide to the property the circadian lighting (which fits our life cycle), air purifiers for remove microbes or avoid intake of pollutants, certified building materials prepared and healthy without generating waste, and protective elements of electrical, electromagnetic and terrestrial radioactivity.

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But that is not all, the reform will also have a very special certification, the neutral carbon footprint, verified by CleanCO2, this implies the assessment of CO2 emissions produced by the intervention, then, to compensate for these emissions in projects for environmental improvement in developing countries (we all win). As warranty, Privalore performed these measurements and compensation in accordance with the standard international Verified Carbon Standard & Socialcarbon.

The building has nine plants of height and a penthouse recessed, in addition to own a curious composition rationalist that highlights on the neighboring buildings modernist. Know tell me what is? «, the librarian not avoided a wide smile (and something pompous), smile that is converted in stone when his fabulous daughters shouted to the unison while pointed to the other side of the street: «the number 91 of the Paseo de Sant Joan, thereeeeee!«

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After lots of laughs, they discovered that both the father as the daughters, had participated in the crowdfunding organized by the real estate, the precursor company of Wellness Real Estate in Spain. The chance had joined environment the family Capdevila, they had passed very tough times and each of its members had their own problems, but they were all aware of that, social contributions like this, help to feel good and to improve the world a little.

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