Jon Bon Jovi sells this impressive apartment in NYC for 22 million dollars

The rocker puts one of his spectacular properties up for sale, the artist's good eye is evident just by looking inside, and, obviously, the location of the property.

The rocker puts one of his spectacular properties up for sale, the artist’s good eye is evident just by looking inside, and, obviously, the location of the property.

In 2017 we saw how the popular rocker Jon Bon Jovi spent it in the choice of luxury real estate. That year we discovered the apartment he had for sale at 150 Charles Street, a marvelous rehab facing the Hudson River. Now in 2022, the singer delights us with another million-dollar sale, a property located at 155 West 11th Street, in a luxury mega-complex called Greenwich Village.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
Singer Jon Bon Jovi has put his New York apartment up for sale for $22 million

The little apartment is sold for the not inconsiderable amount of 22 million dollars, about 20.16 million euros. A first level footstep that does not have a square meter of waste.

As you can imagine, his purchase was not cheap. In 2017 it cost him $19 million, so good old Jon would only make $3 million from the transaction.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
The apartment is located in the luxurious Greenwich Village complex

El piso de lujo que vende Jon Bon Jovi

But the property is not fantastic just because it is called Bon, it is because it belongs to a complex of more than 195 luxury apartments and five six-story semi-detached houses; covering a total of 67,600 square meters built.

All financed by the company Global Holdings, Inc. but, most importantly, designed by the FXFOWLE architecture studio and executed by the Turner Construction contractor.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi’s apartment has a total of 367 square meters

The tower, very contemporary but very classic at the same time, protects its interior with an outer skin of terracotta bricks, allowing identification with the rest of the neighborhood, although it is shielded, or exposed, in huge glass floor panels. to ceiling.

The building stands on a four-story podium in the corner that allows a chamfered setback in that part.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
The house is on the corner and has several balconies with views of all of Manhattan

A building of luxurious apartments with views of Manhattan

This delight allows the balcony of Bon Jovi’s flat to drop onto the podium terrace and bypass the first line of vehicle lanes. This is how he visualizes part of Manhattan and its skyscrapers as genuine and identifiable as One World Trade Center.

It is not clear to us which of the seventeen floors of the building the house is located on, but it is high up, that is obvious from the real estate images.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
The residential building has a total of 17 floors and Jon Bon Jovi’s apartment would be in the last

Little more remains to be said about the tower. Its construction involved the demolition of the St. Vincent Hospital, inside there is an 8,800-square-meter warehouse, parking spaces and an inner courtyard with abundant trees, cobbled walkways and fountains that sweeten the atmosphere. By the way, the garden was designed by M. Paul Friedberg & Partners.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
The house has a complete kitchen with a central island and that communicates with a dining room

Jon Bon Jovi’s apartment has more than 300 square meters

The house is distributed in about 367 square meters, which gives a lot of itself. It is also in a corner and has direct elevator access to the private hall of the house.

Leading from the foyer is the 40-foot fronted living room, with almost uninterrupted views through floor-to-ceiling windows, with modern French or Juliet balconies; You know, those with minimal spaces.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
The entire house has wooden floors except the bathrooms, with marble finishes.

In this case, the minimum spaces do not even exist, the modern balconies are made of tempered or safety glass, so from the outside these balconies do not even exist.

From the large living room there is access to the kitchen, semi-hidden but open, with an island that features a built-in sink and a Wolf brand kitchen that could serve to supply a restaurant.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
The highlight of the house is the master bedroom and the dressing room, all fully furnished

The floor has wood and marble finishes.

The kitchen connects with an elegant dining room facing the corner balcony from which to enjoy visualizing the joyful life of the Big Apple. How clever is Bon Jovi.

But, it will seem smarter when you discover that the main bedroom is oriented in two directions, east and south, and that its dressing room is of a colossal dimension; but its bathroom is much better, with carrara marble, custom millwork and a huge bathtub.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
The complex also has an interior patio decorated with fountains and thousands of trees

The house has three other bedrooms with bathrooms and closets. The wooden pavement that runs through all the corners stands out with its own light, except the toilets, which have a ceramic floor.

Also the grateful carpets with different motivations depending on the space in which they are located. Of course, the apartment for sale of the most famous rocker is not bad.

apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
Of course the building has its own private pool for the neighbors

The building is environmentally friendly

In addition, the Greenwich Lane complex offers its tenants a gym, a 25-meter Olympic pool, a jacuzzi, an audiovisual room with 21 seats, a huge nursery, a dining room, and the possibility of using a multipurpose room.

By the way, all this with the essential 24-hour care by qualified personnel. Although many will love the yoga and personal treatment room, the hot tub or the high-end golf simulator.

Apartamento Jon Bon Jovi
It also has a nursery, gym and cinema room.

Yes, on many occasions, the good taste of our celebrities is worth highlighting. And, even more so when it involves caring for the environment through the LEED certification that they have achieved thanks to the good work of the architecture firm FXFOWLE.

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