This is Ivanka Trump’s bunker on Miami’s island of billionaires

We discover Ivanka Trump's new home in Miami, a mansion located on the all-powerful island of billionaires: maximum exclusivity.

We discover Ivanka Trump’s new home in Miami, a mansion located on the all-powerful island of billionaires: maximum exclusivity.

Who would want to live in a bunker? Well, a priori, hardly anyone, or so I thought until I read some architects on Twitter talking about the wonderful works of art executed with this philosophy. Despite this, the idea of living in a bunker did not convince, until I saw the new mansion of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Now I want to live in it.

casa Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner buy a spectacular mansion on a private island in Miami

And it is that the Trump and Kushner bunker is no longer a site shared with other people. It is known as «Billionaire Bunker» and it is a private island in Miami called Indian Creek Island, with a huge golf course and surrounded by 40 parcels, of which only 33 are built.

casa Ivanka Trump
The mansion has cost 24 million dollars, about 20.4 million euros

This is Ivanka Trump’s mansion in Miami

We recently told you that the couple had bought a plot of land that belonged to Julio Iglesias, because it seems that it seemed little to them, and they have ended up buying a new property on the island.

The mansion has cost them a whopping 24 million dollars, about 20.4 euros. If we add this to the 31.8 million dollars, 27 euros, that they paid for the Iglesias land, it represents a generous investment on the island. Of course, the building has no waste. It occupies 790 square meters of surface, divided into two floors on a 5,000 square meter plot, in a very special area, since it is the first plot on the right when you enter the island.

casa Ivanka Trump
The double staircase and the vaulted ceiling are the most remarkable details of the house.

The property is delimited by a lush green wall that leads to its own small jetty at the rear, and to an elegant entrance at the front. However, the first thing you see when you visit the Trump-Kushner house is not the house, but a generous rectangular pond, flanked by abundant vegetation, tropical trees and native species.

casa Ivanka Trump
The house has a design that mixes the classic Roman style with modernity

A space full of nature and classic inspiration

The pond divides the pedestrian path in two, although there are two other paths for vehicles. The one on the left leads directly into the mansion’s garage, and the one on the right is used for dropping off guests or receiving the plumber. During the walk to the main door of the house you will be able to taste the classic design of the building, where two exterior wings shelter a triangular pediment, supported by Ionic columns.

casa Ivanka Trump
The house has 790 square meters of surface and 5,000 of land

The building exudes a classic aroma in its forms. The classic says Rome wasn’t conquered in a day, so the property’s designers saw fit to go for a confluence of styles, with neoclassical evident on the outside, while the interior boasts a tangle of contemporary luxury. All very well argued.

casa Ivanka Trump

The mansion has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Crossing the door of the building we find the most valuable pearl: a double staircase worth walking slowly, it gives access to the upper floor, while the vaulted ceiling holds a huge chandelier. Aware of the beauty of the place, the previous owners saw fit to place some comfortable armchairs under the stairs.

casa Ivanka Trump
The kitchen is newly renovated, with white furniture and very well equipped.

The house, as it could not be less, takes advantage of the good climate of the region to open up on all its facades, providing light and ventilation with numerous carpentry, based on dark tones to enhance the light-toned walls. Not in vain, it has six bedrooms with a separate bathroom each, the best being the main room, with two bathrooms. In total, the mansion has nine bathrooms.

casa Ivanka Trump
In total the house has six bedrooms, a master suite and new bathrooms.

A luxury mansion that does not lack detail

The interior of the house has been recently renovated. The kitchen has white furniture, a dove-chested granite countertop, with a front made of the same material, and a wooden table to enjoy breakfast. The office is also not far behind, with wood paneling, or the dining room, which is placed in a corner for better views. Also the gym, where you can tone body and soul, or the family fun room or media room.

casa Ivanka Trump
The suite has two independent bathrooms

Marble in almost all the bathrooms, very elegant and cozy dressing rooms, several beautifully decorated gas fireplaces, false ceiling air conditioning in almost all the rooms, carpets of different designs for the bedrooms, each of which has its own style, and walls with paintings or papers of different motivations, are some of the most luxurious details.

casa Ivanka Trump
The outdoor pools are the ultimate luxury and have striking statues of lions

The swimming pools, the jewel of Ivanka Trump’s house

But the best is hidden in the eyes. The mansion has a set of swimming pools at the back of the house that will delight its new owners. They are also protected by some nice statues of lions. The pools are surrounded by nature and can be enjoyed from the huge terrace on the top floor, lined with 19 decorative Ionic columns. A very elegant and well distributed opulence.

casa Ivanka Trump
In addition to swimming pools, the house has large terraces where you can have a good time with your family.

Of course, the island is no stranger to celebrities. Ivanka’s neighbors include supermodel Adriana Lima and newly arrived couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. Everyone will enjoy 24-hour security, an 18-hole golf course, and a single entry and exit. Come on, a gold bunker.

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