The impressive mansion that Lady Gaga has sold to Lizzy Jagger for 6.5 million

A Neotudor-style building, which belonged to Frank Zappa, defines the impressive home that Lady Gaga has sold to Lizzy Jagger in Los Angeles.

A Neotudor-style building, which belonged to Frank Zappa, defines the impressive home that Lady Gaga has sold to Lizzy Jagger in Los Angeles.

Our most immediate environment is our main source of well-being and wealth, as well as dislikes and expenses. For reasons of mental health, it is best to know how to fight second sources and enthrone the first. For this reason, it is easier to find buyers for our possessions the more links are shared, and the transaction of real estate between people of the same environment or social uniqueness is quite common.

cas Lady Gaga
The house that Lady Gaga has sold has a spectacular pool

Lady Gaga sells her mansion to Mick Jagger’s daughter

The famous in this are like other mortals. Lady Gaga made a show of this circumstance this November. The singer sold Elizabeth Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, an exquisite mansion in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, the place in the world with the most stars, current, past and future.

casa Lady Gaga
Wood is the protagonist of the roof of the house and is present in several decorative details

Lady Gaga knows numbers, since the mansion she bought in 2016 at 7885 Woodrow Wilson Dr for 5.25 million dollars, has now sold it for 6.5 million, which is equivalent to 1.25 million more. In total and for us to understand, the singer would have won 1.11 million euros.

casa Lady Gaga
The house has 625 square meters and has several recreational rooms

The farm has a total of 2,266 square meters

The construction of the huge building dates back to 1939, although according to Realtor, there was a major reform in 1970. From the prices you can already imagine that it is an exclusive residence in an ideal place, surrounded by nature, with thousands of nearby mansions and, the best, just a two-hour walk from the famous Hollywood sign. In addition, the residence has passed through famous hands on several occasions, the most striking being that of the composer and musician Frank Zappa, who acquired it in 1970 for about $75,000, 66,500 euros.

casa Lady Gaga
The massage room is one of the most outstanding, although the most special corner is the pool

The residence sits on a 2,266 square meter plot and has 627 built square meters, which leaves plenty of space for two more guest houses and a fantastic pool, always pool. It has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, kitchen, main hall, games room, music room, porch for ping pong and board games, massage room, tennis court on the roof, art gallery, greenhouse, etc. All this without counting the guest houses.

casa Lady Gaga
In total the house has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Its wooden deck is the highlight

Its roof is worth studying, which, due to covering a large area and having various heights, is forced to create several different eaves panels, many of them with skylights to provide light to various rooms. We can see it in the kitchen, despite having a beautiful dining room and being connected to the exterior of the property with large windows and doors.

casa Lady Gaga
The farm has 2,266 square meters of land in which the main garden of the two guest houses stands out

Personally, the massage room has convinced me a lot, with its wooden structure, its warm pavement, the mentioned material, its corner windows facing a rocky area of ​​the garden and, no less insignificant, a part of the cabin with double height. A place so special that it makes you envious.

casa Lady Gaga
The house also has a recording studio

Lady Gaga barely lived in the mansion

The exterior retains vestiges of the Neotudor style with which it was designed, especially its envelope. The rest has adapted to the times with modern bathrooms, false ceilings from which air conditioning and lighting emerge, and a very diverse decoration. This responds very well to the transgressive character of Zappa and, perhaps, to that of Gaga, although we do not know what modifications she made to the residence.

casa Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has earned 1.1 million euros with the sale of the house

It is clear that a residence of this size will have some commensurate expenses, especially if we think that it even has a greenhouse. In addition to the garden with a dragon mural, with porthole windows and doors, which, according to some media, had been used in real submarines. If all goes well, the new owner will be able to adapt to the house, respecting what has aesthetic and iconographic value, and reforming what is worth the effort.

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