This is the exclusive Obama mansion with a private beach

At the end of 2019, the Obamas found a fancy new resting place: a spectacular mansion in an idyllic setting complete with a jetty and beach.

At the end of 2019, the Obamas found a fancy new resting place: a spectacular mansion in an idyllic setting complete with a jetty and beach.

It should not be easy at all having to decide where to live when you stop being a historical reference. And since the Obamas are still an important part of the political and social present in the United States, they should not stray too far from the centers of power in the country. At least that’s what they must have thought when they bought their new residence: a spectacular mansion on a very peculiar island.

casa Obama
The Obamas have gone to live on an island in Massachusetts

The mansion is located on Martha’s Vineyard Island, in the Atlantic Ocean, in Massachusetts. Next to it are many other mansions, whose owners seek calm and tranquility, as well as places of leisure to enjoy their vacations. And it is that the island is famous for being a place for holiday residences, the kind that are enjoyed once or twice a year, but that accompany you the rest of the time as a reference.

casa Obama
There they have bought a spectacular mansion of 640 square meters for 11.75 million dollars

The Obamas live on an island

The house was built in 2001, it has 640 square meters of constructed area, garage, barn and, of course, a refreshing and idyllic pool. However, it has something more important: direct access to a mooring, where you can dock your own boat. The Obamas did not arrive at this residence by chance. They rented it for the first time in the summer of 2015, we imagine to familiarize themselves with it before buying it.

casa obama
The Obamas had already stayed at the mansion during the 2019 holidays

The sale value of the mansion then was 22.5 million dollars, about 19.40 euros, but the Obamas acquired it at the end of that year for 11.75 million dollars, about 9.92 euros. The mansion had a 50% depreciation, which is typical when the owner is in a hurry to sell, when the real estate value has been overstated from the start, or when other factors are taken into account.

casa Obama
The house is U-shaped and was designed by the Brandenburger architecture studio Taylor Lombardo

A luxurious mansion with a farm of more than 100.00 m2

Michelle and Barack own a 117,000-square-meter estate with direct access to the waters of the Edgartown Great Pond, one of the 16 natural ponds on the island. But not just any, one permanently monitored by a team of scientists, who monitor the concentration of “Blue Carbon”, the carbon absorbed by the coasts, which is in its bed and should stay there.

casa obama
The mansion has eight bedrooms, with eight bathrooms and a master suite

Of course, the huge fields full of green on the estate are one of its great attractions. However, these would not be the same without the superb construction that can be seen on the horizon. It is a “U”-shaped house with an idyllic design for the place, carried out by the architecture studio Brandenburger Taylor Lombardo, based in San Francisco. A residence that belonged years ago to the owner of the Boston Celtics, Wyc Grousbeck.

casa obama
The mansion has a meeting room just for the Obamas

The Obama mansion has thousands of doors

The construction is perched from the land by means of two steps that border the entire contour and, as a curiosity, it has a multitude of doors that communicate with the interior, you can practically leave the house from anywhere. This is to be appreciated as long as the carpentry is highly efficient and breaks the thermal bridges that are created in the joints of two different materials.

casa Obama
Like any good mansion, the estate has a spectacular pool surrounded by sun loungers

A huge gabled roof runs around the building. It is a traditional roof that allows several terraces at strategic points, in addition to making the upper floor of the house fully attic, providing the main rooms with spectacular sloping ceilings and unusual windows, all very idyllic. The building has been executed with a metal, wood and stone structure, and ceramic, stone, wood and plaster finishes.

casa Obama
The ceilings of the house are very high and the windows make the interior have a lot of light

Eight rooms, kitchen, two living rooms and pool

The main living room takes advantage of this aspect to raise its height to the maximum, having fantastic views, lots of light, and a huge fireplace that becomes the highest point of the residence. For the rest, the house has been designed to function by each independent part, in such a way that users can enjoy their stay without much effort.

casa Obama
One of the characteristics of the Obama house are the many doors it has

To these rooms is added a second living room that serves as a play area, a large kitchen, with a modern design that incorporates a space to bathe the most beloved animals, or a dining room with views of the garden. The house also has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The main room of Mr. and Mrs. Obama has a fireplace and its own terrace, as well as facing two sides of the building, giving an almost complete view of the property.

casa Obama
Stone, ceramics and wood are the main construction elements of the Obama mansion

A mansion that is already part of history

To this must be added many sun loungers in various places, especially near the pool, a jacuzzi to enjoy the starry nights, and a circular meeting room, a room in which, probably, the guidelines of work that will change the course of America.

casa Obama
The farm has more than 100,000 square meters and its own jetty

Although I prefer the spectacular house with pool and access to the beach; with the brilliant idea of ​​using tensioners as elements to channel the support effort from the roof to the ends; the silver pool table on an oak floor; with the greyish tone of the building that allows it to stand out from the natural green… let others do the politics!

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