El Aventador, the building of India in honor of the Spanish bull

In India they have built an office building that highlights the figure of the Spanish bull, a fantastic property prepared to work comfortably and robustly.

In India they have built an office building that highlights the figure of the Spanish bull, a fantastic property prepared to work comfortably and robustly.

The world is a tremendously small place and, on the contrary, singularly enormous in which everything fits, from a war with personal interests, yes, I’m talking about Putin’s dark interests; even the most supportive generosity, yes, I’m talking about the Querer Foundation. So nothing can surprise us with our own passivity in the face of what is happening around us.

El Aventador
In Hoshiarpur, India, they have their own fighting bull.

El Aventador, the building inspired by the Spanish bull

Leaving moral issues aside, it is clear that in this world anything is possible, from bumping into someone from the other end of the world on the corner of our street, to visiting a building on the other side of the world that exudes the air of our country, which has been executed inspired by one of the most popular elements of our own iconography, of our history: El Aventador, the bravest Spanish bull.

El Aventador
The Aventador building is inspired by the 1993 legend of the bull that bears the same name

In the town of Hoshiarpur, in India, the architects of 23DC Architects were inspired by the bravery of the enormous animal and its legend from 1993, when the fighting bull that bore the name of Aventador obtained the Peña La Madroñera Trophy in a bullfight in the Plaza de Toros de Zaragoza, due to its indomitable character. Bull that has already given its name, nothing more and nothing less than, to a Lamborghini.

El Aventador
The building has four floors, one of them below ground

The building opened in 2021

The architects Shiv Dada and Mohit Chawla, founders of the architecture studio responsible for the design, presented the design to the owners in 2019 and two years later construction began, which ended in 2021. The building has four floors, one below ground, and three above ground, with office use.

El Aventador
Inside it houses offices and offices separated by glass partitions

It is noteworthy that the surface of the site triples the built surface, the integration of the building with a natural environment being very important. For the landscape design they had the company Paras Sareen, and for the structure of the building with the engineer Anjush Gupta.

El Aventador
The particular shape of the building is intended to inspire its workers to be better every day.

The fighting bull, the main inspiration

The main idea that emanates from the use of the fighting bull is to break the idea that an office building is only a space to work. Au contrarie architects note that the Aventador is designed to inspire its users to be better every day. The company for which the work was executed, Paramjeet Singh Sachdeva, and who spent about 70 million rupees, about 840,000 euros, must be very satisfied with the work.

El Aventador
The facade is also inspired by the Carbonado, a rare black diamond

The facade hides another message. It reflects the essence of the Carbonado, a rare black diamond, through the contrasting of different planes forming sloping and deepened triangles, so that we never see the same shape twice if we are located in different places. According to the designers, this irregularity shows the history of the rise and fall of the stock market.

El Aventador
Inside the building we find the Aventador bull

El Aventador, an office building

In front of it, a statue of the Aventador bull looks defiantly at all who enter the building. Empowered by its location, it is located in the corner of the building, near the stairs, next to an artificial lake that serves as a thermal leveler, as well as a visual relaxant. The plot allows outdoor spaces with mangoes and other trees, as well as a walking area to reflect and make the best decisions.

El Aventador
The entire office is decorated in light tones and light plays a leading role

Inside, the light and dark tones keep the essence of the place alive, interpreting the scale of values. A large reception room with stairs overlooking the two upper floors, with a height of two floors, leads to the waiting room for clients, offices, toilets, file storage and even a recreation room to distract the mind from the harsh work hours.

El Aventador
The building is located on a large estate in which there is a large garden with mangoes and other trees.

It is a sustainable building

On the first floor, more offices, toilets, server room and a small office and, on the second and last floor, the main offices, meeting room, toilets and server room. All ready to work. The offices are divided from the rest of the rooms by glass partitions with curved finishes that soften the perception. In addition, the use of carpets of varied tonality stands out.

El Aventador
The building has a sustainable electricity supply with photovoltaic panels and led lights

Elegance and good work is reflected in every part of the building, built with reinforced concrete, the most versatile and durable construction system ever created by man. Of course, the facilities have the latest technology and the necessary tools for a sustainable electricity supply. Among them, photovoltaic panels on the roof and the use of LED luminaires. Of course, it is a pleasure to discover that on the other side of the world the emblems of our country are used as an example.

*Photos courtesy of © Niveditaa Gupta

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