Abama architecture & lifestyle, the architectural landscape of the island of Tenerife

A book with 200 images of Tenerife and the Abama Resort is released, highlighting natural beauty and how sustainable designs and materials contribute to it.

A book with 200 images of Tenerife and the Abama Resort is released, highlighting natural beauty and how sustainable designs and materials contribute to it.

Dissemination is one of the main drivers of the advancement of humanity. Thanks to it, the tools that human beings have achieved, discovered or invented are transmitted between different generations, cultures and/or eras. Thus, the book continues to be the definitive tool, and the image its most effective utensil, so much so that sometimes the book does not need to have writing to express itself. What happens with the book that we show you today in the magazine, its name: Abama Architecture & Lifestyle, a sampler of 200 images that do not need dialogue.

Pages that absorb the attention of the reader, the viewer, with avid intention, with resources that only good photographers know how to use. But, what’s more, its pages reflect the essence of the current era, and, above all, the concern of an entire island to defend its natural environment.

(Foto: Abama Architecture & Lifestyle)
The book perpetuates the image of the territory (Photo: Abama Architecture & Lifestyle)

Abama Architecture & Lifestyle brings together a large part of the island’s image

All images have been taken in different parts of the island of Tenerife. Most of them respond to the location of their sponsors, the owners of Abama Resort Tenerife, high-level tourism experts, who have focused a large part of their good intentions on the island, such as this one, to create a book that perpetuates the image of the territory and how architecture has influenced its sustainability.

The Canary Islands are the most important tourist archipelago in Europe, and in much of the World. However, in past centuries their culture, idiosyncrasies and personality were not taken into account enough, creating a dichotomy that is difficult to explain. Luckily, times have changed, and actions like Abama are committed to attracting people concerned about the environment, committed to local growth and well-being.

(Foto: Abama Architecture & Lifestyle)
It is an interesting artistic exhibition (Photo: Abama Architecture & Lifestyle)

Brings together works from seven architecture studios

The images in the book correspond, in large part, to the work of seven important architecture and interior design studios in the Abama Resort complex, these are: Virgilio and Eustaquio Bellevue, Coderch Urbanismo y Arquitectura, Corona-Amaral Arquitectura, Leonardo Omar Arquitectos, EVMred Architects, Andrés Mazuelas, Rita Rosés and Alejandro Escudero, with interventions that we will not reveal so that you can enjoy the moment.

The book fuses the vision that professionals have about the island, their specific actions on it. Everything from respect and admiration for the environment. Under the overwhelming influence of the Atlantic Ocean and native vegetation. Thus, the bicephaly of architectural interest that the book gives off generates a very interesting artistic bet. It is evidently attractive to professionals in the branch and environmental interests.

(Foto: Abama Architecture & Lifestyle)
Abama residences reflect the brand’s residential luxury (Photo: Abama Architecture & Lifestyle)

The pure luxury of Abama residences

The new residential luxury manages to take a step forward with this book. It does this by showing high-quality images of an island in a process of change. It respects its past and its environment, but in which actions are carried out that hold firmly to the future. Without blending in with its environment (that would be a big mistake), but taking care of it, integrating into it and proposing actions to preserve its ecosystem.

Abama residences are pure luxury. Real luxury, responsible, contributing, that teaches people about nature and how to care for it, the beauty inherent in it. They avoid the devastating impact of ruder actions on the environment. To achieve this goal, local materials have been used, with high sustainability and quality, which allow increasing the useful life of the creations to which they contribute.

(Foto: Abama Architecture & Lifestyle)
Marc Goodwin is the photographer, a specialist in portraying architectural spaces (Photo: Abama Architecture & Lifestyle)

The book reflects that the outdoors is as important as housing

Arum Group is the promoter of Abama Residencial. Regarding the book, its Director of Communication and Marketing, Elodie Casolà, says: “This unbreakable link between architecture and the Island is the fundamental objective of a project that deserved to be explained through a book of photographs”, and adds: “A book that reflects that the outdoors has as much prominence as the home, in which the highest quality, sustainable and local materials prevail, with which we convey an immediate feeling of welcome and well-being to the guest” Well, nothing, we agree with him.

Just three details before finishing: the author of the photographs is called Marc Goodwin, a specialist in portraying architectural spaces, born in London, he traveled through the geography of Tenerife to portray the coasts, the interior and, no less important, the exquisite colonial architecture of La Orotava, to which he dedicates an entire chapter. The second detail is that the book Abama Architecture & Lifestyle costs 40 euros, of which 10 are allocated to different social projects in Tenerife.

You will find the book in the resort’s shops and, soon, in the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA) bookstore and other establishments on the islands, so now you have another fantastic excuse to travel to the Canary Islands, which are never lacking, on the other hand. side.

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