RCR Arquitectes, the Catalan Pritzker, dyes Portuguese luxury red

The Algarve is one of the most coveted luxury areas in Portugal, so it is not surprising that a more contemporary luxury resort has been established there, that is, respectful of its surroundings.

The Algarve is one of the most coveted luxury areas in Portugal, so it is not surprising that a more contemporary luxury resort has been established there, that is, respectful of its surroundings.

Good luxury adapts to the era from which it draws. He performs an exercise in precise surgery, carefully searching for the detail that will make it unique, differentiating, with a clear motivation for the authentic but, at the same time, identifying with the most current trends. That is why not all luxury is real luxury. «Not all that glitters is gold,» says the classic.

campo golf
The RCR Arquitectes studio is the author of the new and luxurious golf complex in the Algarve

RCR Arquitectes is behind the most luxurious golf complex in the Algarve

As an example of good luxury, this week we bring you a first class golf complex, one of those that are all the rage among those who understand. It is located in the incredible natural environment of the Portuguese Algarve, in our neighboring country. But the highlight is that it is a complex designed by the first Spanish Pritzker as a team, the Catalan studio of RCR Arquitectes.

campo golf
The Palmares Clubhouse is the main building of the Palmares Ocean Living & Golf

Palmares Ocean Living & Golf is the golf club that houses the architects’ project. Specifically, the main building called Palmares Clubhouse, which gives meaning and invokes the main parameters of the rest of the buildings that will compose it. This resort has been promoted by Kronos Homes, whom we will remember for having had Tamara Falcó as a guest in one of its important tourist developments in Malaga.

campo golf
The building stands out for its red concrete design

The Palmares Clubhouse is his first building

The Palmares Clubhouse was the first building to be built, its execution finished at the beginning of 2021 and it is clearly identified by its daring design of red concrete elements and walls and roofs on different levels that shine with this new tonality of the environment. This building is the reception of the residents and their guests, which is why it adopts exceptional dimensions.

campo de golf
It has a brutalist design with roofs at different levels and numerous columns

In the foreground we see a rude building, very brutalist, since it reveals the materials that act as the structure. Among them, some multifaceted columns stand out, made up of different horizontal and vertical sections that support powerful concrete slabs. Some holes are made in them that allow some trees to remain inside the construction.

campo de golf
Wood is another of the elements that have been used in its construction

RCR Arquitectes created a brutalist design that opts for the reddish color of the area

The main façades are fully glazed, allowing light and ventilation to enter and, most importantly, a direct visual connection with the surroundings and the coast. Most of the roof is inverted, allowing its last finishing layer to be reddish earth, predominantly clayey from the place, hence the wink of pigmenting all the exposed concrete in red.

campo de golf
The interior of the building is also reddish in color and the furniture has been designed according to the aesthetics of its construction.

The building is sectioned at different heights, which influences the interior, creating different levels. It should be noted that the interior continues with the same tone as the exterior. The pavement is made of a native natural stone called Rosa Zarci Marble. This has a wonderful texture, since marbles are stones of a very high aesthetic value. In addition, all this is accompanied by the furniture that was created by the same studio and that integrates perfectly into the design.

campo de golf
The floor has been made from Rosa Zarci Marble

In addition to the golf complex there are also luxury homes

This property is the first stone of the project that was inaugurated at the end of 2020 with a 27-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Now it will be followed by 8 luxury villas and a few apartments. By the way, the property has the comforts of a golf club, a concierge, a high-end restaurant, a terrace next to an artificial lake and, of course, spaces for private events.

campo de golf
Eight luxury villas will be built next to the golf course

But now it’s time to hold your breath because if the main building is a marvel, the resort’s first luxury villa is a work of art. The project contemplates the creation of 100 villas, although only eight will be pure luxury. These have been called Signature Villas, and the one we are showing you today is number 19.

campo de golf
These have views of the sea and have a spectacular pool in the garden

The villas are made in the image of the Palmares Clubhouse

The property has four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, views of Meia Praia and the Bay of Lagos, two places of incomparable beauty, a private pool and a huge garden. All this, with the good taste of a durable design and thinking about compliance with the parameters of sustainable construction immersed in the BREEAM certificate.

campo de golf
In addition to the eight luxury villas, 100 apartments will be built

Of course, the design parameters are the same as those that set the club: red-pigmented concrete and traces of wooden boards in the formwork, leaving a natural texture to the touch. Thick concrete slabs serve as insulators, in the same way that they act as thermal inertia holders, making the space warm and welcoming.

campo de golf
The villas have a total of four bedrooms, each with a separate bathroom.

In addition to the villas, 100 apartments will be built

The roofs protrude from the building, adding extra solar protection. In addition, the main rooms have covered terraces. Practically every room has a terrace, the kitchen, the dining room, the main living room… Only the two garages and the laundry room do not. Of course, I prefer the pool, which generously divides the outdoor spaces.

campo de golf
They have been built following sustainability parameters

The Masterplan provides for the installation of another hotel, apart from the existing five stars, this will be a JW Marriott. To it will be added the area of ​​the 8 Signature villas, the remaining 100 villas and the Brandes Residences, very well located buildings with exclusive design. In short, designer luxury, or luxury design that protects the environment and provides incredible views to all its users.

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