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What material join Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva?

Gere visits Vila-Real (Villarreal) with his Spanish girlfriend, Alejandra Silva, to discover the Porcelanosa factory.

Gere visits Vila-Real (Villarreal) with his Spanish girlfriend, Alejandra Silva, to discover the Porcelanosa factory.


Alejandra could not believe in her luck, her father works at Porcelanosa Group since before of her birth, and now, thanks to that, had met the most charming man of the world, the charismatic actor that everyone call Richard Gere, and she call affectionately «Ricardo». To know that for a year he have arelationwith a beautiful Spanish woman with her same name, this feed her conviction that, in the world, anything is possible.

All sacrifice was little for to admire closely her Idol, so, she abandoned the University of Salamanca where studied the Grade of Engineering Chemicaland moved to her family residence, at least, by a days. Curiously, to her parents seemed make them more illusion her presence than that of the actor («are rare …” thought), both, they not put any obstacle because she abandon her studies several days, after all, the course was beginning.


Alejandra had read that the curiosity that led to Gere to travel until Vila-Real (Villarreal), had emerged of the good relations that kept with the company of Castellon, born of the support of Porcelanosa to the causes charitable in which the actor is immersed (see TheGere Foundation) and to the last meetings, in the inauguration of the flagship of the brand in Manhattan and in the dinner of gala organized by the Prince Carlos of England in the Castle Windsor.


So, the day 26 of September, when the illustrious characters arrived to the factory, was inside with her parents, due to the special event, the company allowed thatenter family of the workers (was a great party). First came the actor and, minutes after, his girlfriend, Alejandra Silva, both received by the President of the company, Manuel Colonques and the director commercial of export of Urbatek, Pedro Pesudo, that accompanied them during the visit.

001 architecture-modern-residence1

Did not disappoint at all, and they were very close, evidenced it the many photos and selfies taken with operators (our main character, of course, also taken several photos). Alejandra was in a cloud, although, more afternoon confessed to herself that not only was the visit of Gere which made happy, also was to be a time inside of the factory that gives work to her father, and, also, it has provided her professional interest.

002 casa-balint-fran-silvestre-arquitectos-photo-06

In fact, the professional interest had even name: Krion®, a material of laboratory developed by a subsidiary of the group, Systempool, fascinated with this new creation able to unite the best of other two major materials, wood and stone. She think that could contribute to development in the future of this same element constructive, warm to the touch (as the wood) and resistant (such as the stone).

 003 baño casa balint 1cec0ea669d4036cf4cc6e05f06c93d4

The 66 per cent of its composition is formed by minerals natural (trihydrate of Alumina) and a low percentage of resins of high resistance. A few years ago her father brought a piece so that could see it «look Alejandra, this material has no pores, is antibacterial without additives, has an incredible strength, hardness and durability, is repaired with simplicity and is easily cleaned, isn’t it wonderful?»

005 Vidal-Sassoon-KRION-4RL

Now, while preparing the suitcase for return to Salamanca, had the tablet close and glance several constructions that had chosen the material, «really, has a versatility incredible», sighed. The Balint House, in Valencia, displayed an elliptical design and integrator of the architect Fran Silvestre, besides having Krion in the ventilated facade, countertops and kitchen, shower trays and dining table.

006 Systempool-Butech-Porcelanosa-fachada-KRION-IMG-2401-crop

She loved the design of the group of architecture KplusK Associates for the new Academy that the company Vidal Sassoon has installed in China, in particular, have renovated a former clock factory. The idea of a sheet white that covers three sides of the facade and that simulates folds on a surface of 290 meters square is, undoubtedly, very original.

007 bershka-madrid-indutec-1

To achieve it they used KRION® 1100 Snow White, of great purity and luminosity. One of the most important properties of this innovative material is change its form by heat, so all shape can be achieved if our imagination can glimpse it. Another property very important is theretro-illuminating, getting (in this case) an impact visual surprising by the night.

The possibility of create surfaces without joints not worried too to the architects of the following work that saw Alejandra, a building designed by Hembert Penaranda for the multinational Rafinity jewelry in the populous Casablanca (Morocco). The facade ventilated simulates to be divided creating outgoing and incoming in irregular forms, is fantastic put to test the limits of a material and see that supports with fortitude.

008 Ivan Mañero FLG0195rl

Another façade that she loved was the subsidiary of Inditex, Bershka, recently carried out in Madrid, in the Preciados street, a composition of large plates of krion overlapping, introducing lights at the edges to highlight its perimeter in the night. The responsible for the design, the Group Castel Veciana, had special care with the surrounding environment to the building.

The qualities both antibacterial as not porous, besides of the aesthetic and functional, make this material very precious in the health use, so, to Alejandra was not surprised to see that was used in the IM Clinic, the clinical of the Doctor Ivan Mañero, inaugurated in the year 2,014. There, it is used in the incredible furniture of the reception, in baths, in operating rooms, in toilets, at the entrances of rooms, countertops, and with special beauty, in the lamps of rings with Chromotherapy.

009 Ivan Mañero 24735d620d51d2cf42d430f064d3b714

Alejandra review mentally other qualities of the Krion, properties as to be a material ecological (is recycling to the hundred by hundred), has a high resistance to the fire, supports environments ends (marine, vapors, icy…), its weight is very lower to the others materials with qualities similar, has a low conductivity thermal and an excellent insulation acoustic.

Before closing the suitcase, the future chemical engineer looked the mobile again, she had put the image of wallpaper to Richard Gere mounted on the popular bicycle with which the operators of Porcelanosa moved by factory, everything a Showman, the experience had been worth. She secretly longed for that in the next visit of the celebrity, she was commissioned of the complex of 350,000 square meters, in Vila-Real.

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