The Tower of Krion

The krion is a very special material, with a promising future and a remarkable presence today.


Hi, I confess that on this trip I did not go looking for a place in particular to construct my future building (that will be amazing, clear) and, however, I found with one of the most appropriate. It is in the island of San Patrick, which is reached by the Island of Man, an Odyssey. The best of the island is the Castle Peel reconstructed recently, which it does not happen with the Cathedral of Saint Germain, which gives worth to see her, but when I have situated in front of she, I thought: «here you have an interesting challenge Rodolfo: restore the elegance to these ruins».

I have always thought that by many technological developments achieved, the human beings they should behave like the famous character of Tarzan of the monkeys, you know, from the novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, he is best known for the films directed by Woody Strong Van Dyke and starring by Johnny Weissmüller, in other words: we took advantage of the nature and she takes advantage also of us. I believe that the promoters want this for the future building that I present today.


Eleventh Stop: The Tower of Krion®

It has begun the construction in april of the Tower Yung Ding Guo Ji, in Qingdao, Shandong, China. It’s an office building designed by the architecture studies of Ruiz-Larrea & Associates (RLA) and OSA, the authors themselves propose to address the deficit of nature existing in the cities with the incorporating the nature in buildings, beautiful task. So I’ve decided that no I will remove the eyes to this construction, in addition, they use a material very interesting in its facade.


But let’s go by parts, the idea that prevails is the environmental adaptation and the respect for the existing built environment, therefore the main body is of average height, with a scale similar to the buildings nearby, the great tower is the milestone of the project. The future building adopts strategies of energy efficiency based on the thermal insulation, the shading (leveraging the shadows of external volumes to avoid overheating), the acoustic insulation, and, the icing on the cake, the conditioning of central spaces by a geothermal system that will cool the air inside the building, thus making act as a refrigerator. The inclusion of skylights to be opened to allow the hot air to escape and take lighting and ventilation natural that allows contact with the outside.


The building will also incorporate numerous vegetation in different parts of the construction, as in the different green roofs that have been projected, apart from the natural zones included in areas of the interior and the exterior. Before I have spoken of the material that I interest me, good, it is none other than the Krion ® that will be placed in the facade, this facade is inspired in nature and is equipped with solar installations.


The facade is made up of a network formed by the krion® (solid surface) of the Spanish company Porcelanosa, actually this material belongs to one of its subsidiaries, Systempool S.A. the network of krion® serves as the sunscreen by the shading in the glazed areas, of course, they have taken into account the different use of the Interior rooms to establish the separation between the large vertical «panels».


Krion® the solid surface of Porcelanosa

This material has the advantages of a material of laboratory, created through the merger of natural minerals (two-thirds) and resins of high resistance. These advantages are: lack of pores, antibacterial, hardness, resistance, ease of repair, low maintenance and easy to clean. It working in sheets of regular format (different dimensions and thicknesses) and joined by hot melt, allowing the creation of elements without joints, you does not believe that anyone person can use this material: only installers certified by the company Systempool S.A., which is beneficial to the buyer.


The specific quality to be able to use this material in one facade must be: the inalterability under adverse weather condicions, as well, from the parent company inform us that it is a covering with a perfect performance against the sudden changes in temperature, forehead to situations of high humidity or in areas with arid climates. The restraint system to the main structure of the building is very important, in this regard, the company works with Butech Bliss Co. and ensure us a proper fixing.


Finally, two details juicy: the artificial nature of the Krion® assures us a wide range of colors, and this same nature, makes a recyclable material 100%, and reprocessed again and reintroduced into the production cycle.

It is early to visit this building finished, but I will inform me of how it evolves, I love «supervise», you know it. Bye bye.


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