The building with the best views of Brooklyn.

A new apartment complex is about to open its doors, the 420 Kent will be a point and apart for Brooklyn in terms of lifestyle concept.


A new building complex can be seen in the Brooklyn skyline that will give a lot to talk about. And no, it will not do it for its height, nor for its location, nor for its design, it will do it for its concept of functionality, which is what has prevailed in its development. The promoters of the project known as 420 Kent, located on Kent Avenue in New York between numbers 416 and 420, have prevailed this: that each owner has a corner.

In the building, each owner has a corner

The architects of the project, ODA Architecture, boast of having contrasted the classic hierarchy of the four corners, where the views in many buildings are limited to one direction, with the current one, in which many residences enjoy views in three different orientations and Lots of outdoor space. It is not a minor matter if we think that the complex will house 857 residences.

The complex is divided into three towers

Its three towers are divided into two buildings, the first one will have 252 buildings and will open its doors shortly; and the second will have 605 homes and its two towers will be linked by a podium or base. In total, more than 74,000 square meters of surface of which 2,300 will be in common use, 1,800 for restaurants and shops, and 7,400 will be used for outdoor enjoyment, which include a park in front of the South Williamsburg promenade.

Large common areas and private pool

The design, of course, has taken first place, we can analyze it from the entrance, the lobbies welcome tenants with warm tones to relax them, as well as staff 24 hours a day. It has a door facing the river, to admire the wonderful silhouette of Manhattan when you come out of it, two floors of underground garages and bicycle parking. Of course, in the lobby you can have a coffee or enjoy the latest art exhibition.

The common areas are spacious and bright

As expected, the finishes become a point of singular attention, thus, a natural wood floor (oak to be exact) occupies the main rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows allow the entry of natural light in its maximum conceptualization, custom kitchen furniture, ceramics imitating marbles, Kohler house accessories, ovens from the Italian brand Bertazzoni and appliances from the always reliable Bosch.

Natural wood flooring for the floors of the main rooms

One of the advantages of making complexes as «massive» as this is the possibility of expanding the classic offer of housing and garage with other amenities. Thus, the tenants of the building will have among their common facilities a state-of-the-art fitness room, a swimming pool on each of the decks (it should be prohibited to build a building without a pool), a yoga studio and a spectacular and relaxing library.

Kitchen equipped with modern appliances

Socialization between neighbors is guaranteed, in relaxed or dynamic environments, such as the «Sunset» lounge, designed to chat lively with friends, the piano rooms, where to celebrate a birthday, a party or prepare a communal meal. Although the best is always outdoors (especially in summer), thus, the outdoor lounges and walkable decks, some landscaped, will make visitors die of envy.

The pool area has spectacular views

Well-being has become a transversal thing in these years, so much so that it is spoken in a policy of transversality and we see that where it really is applied with logic is in the world of building (paradox?). Thus, the new designs of community buildings merge a good interior layout, common leisure areas (the more the better), areas of body care (gym, spa, gourmet, etc.) and of the mind (libraries, movie theaters, gardens). This complex, of course, is no exception.

Open area to rest and carry out all kinds of events

The three companies behind the project are Spitzer Enterprises, the parent company, ODA Architecture, whose designs we’ve seen in The Luxonomist previously, and Citi Habitats, sales and marketing experts. Now, another of the questions you should know is that to live in these towers you will have to rent (forbidden to buy), the prices range between 2,500 dollars on average for a studio (2,150 euros), 3,500 for an apartment with one room (3,000 euros) and $ 5,000 for a two-bedroom residence (4,300).

All apartments are for rent

The tallest tower reaches 24 floors, the lowest being 22, its silhouettes, formed by recesses in all its facades that allow more views and more terraces, cause an effect of implausibility to the viewer (have they really built it that way? ). 80 percent of the houses have at least one corner and 20 percent will have cheaper prices, for people with low incomes.

There are several Piano Rooms where to celebrate a birthday or a party

The very well used 1.2 hectares of land where the complex is developed have the wonderful quality of the good location, the views inherent to the site are unbeatable. From the windows you can «almost» touch the Williamsburg Bridge, with a direct connection to Manhattan. Views over the East River and the ferries that pass over the silvery waters of the river, seen over the silhouette of the most famous area of ​​New York, especially at night, with the multitude of lights that illuminate this part of the American sky.

The complex has the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge

The total cost of the building amounts to 700 million dollars, about 604 euros, if we make numbers we will see that the cost per square meter built is 8,160 euros, a price much higher than the average, an expense that envisions the commitment of the promoters for quality and sustainability, keywords in building. In addition, if we continue making numbers we will see that to amortize the expense it will be necessary to wait about 15 years. Short or long time? In any case, a necessary commitment to the future of Brooklyn.

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