This is the inside of the submerged and visitable city of Dubai

Diving lovers have the dream place in Dubai for this sport, a submerged city at more than 60 meters where they can play billiards or read a book.

Diving lovers have the dream place in Dubai for this sport, a submerged city at more than 60 meters where they can play billiards or read a book.

Will Smith, one of the most beloved and admired actors on the small and big screen, had the honor of living the spectacular experience of being the first person to dive into the deepest pool in the world. A pool located in Dubai and designed to make diving lovers enjoy themselves in an unexpected and spectacular way: simulating a submerged city.

The place is called Deep Dive Dubai and, as the name suggests, it is located in Dubai, more specifically in the Nad al Sheba district. In what is the city of records, of course, this could not be missing, which is why they have been working for several years on the construction of a pool of no more and no less than 60 meters deep! Not a feat, the next.

Deep Dive Dubai
Deep Dive Dubai is a city submerged underwater

It is the deepest diving pool in the world

According to the Guinness Book of Records, this depth makes it the deepest diving pool in the world, surpassing Deepspot, at 45 meters deep, where you can visit artificial caves and a fake shipwreck, located just outside Warsaw. Also out of the record is the Blue Abyss, a 50-meter-deep pool located in Cornwall, England, which is used for training astronauts.

Deep Dive Dubai
The pool is 60 meters deep and is designed to live experiences during diving

As they themselves promote on their website, the pool has the overwhelming figure of 14 million liters of fresh water, the equivalent of filling six Olympic pools. A spectacular construction, especially if we think that it is in the middle of the desert. And it is that, that is, precisely, the grace of the matter, traveling to a desert and immersing yourself in a modern abandoned city, as if you were traveling to the future and seeing how the water swallowed everything.

Deep Dive Dubai
Divers can visit ruins and play billiards or table football

The submerged city of Dubai

Among the «underwater ruins» you can discover an apartment building, a library, cars engulfed by the sea and a games room to have fun playing billiards or table football. The recreation is brutal, the graffiti, the installations, the paintings and the brick walls seem to have really been underwater for centuries, and have acquired the expected texture and coloration.

Deep Dive Dubai
At the bottom of Deep Dive Dubai we can find a library and buildings that pretend to have been submerged for years

Behind a place like this there must be experience, in this case, that of the director of the complex, Jarrod Jablonski, an American native of Florida who has dedicated his life to diving, especially in underwater caves. He invites all members experienced in apnea and diving to visit the complex, but if this is not your case, calm down, since they are prepared to teach in this subject.

Deep Dive Dubai
On the outside, the building is shaped like a shell and has several ponds around it.

The building is shaped like a shell.

The building is shell-shaped on the outside, with large windows, which simulate the open part of the mollusk. Around it we find several ponds to relax the temperature and as decoration, which are always very good. From that ground floor, the body develops underground, staggered according to the plans of a city. Thus, up to six meters, where the first dry room is located, and at 21 meters the second. These are rooms that are used for divers to rest, re-equip or for diving classes.

Control of the interior space is carried out through 56 surveillance cameras, covering all conflictive areas. In addition, the cameras also serve so that teachers, friends and family can enjoy the experience of adventurers, yes, on huge screens. The water is filtered every six hours, using a state-of-the-art purification system, which includes siliceous volcanic rock, and filter technology developed by NASA, in which the application of ultraviolet radiation is highly relevant.

Deep Dive Dubai
Deep Dive Dubai is designed for professional divers, but you can also go to learn

A mega construction in Dubai with restaurants, shops and event rooms

The building has a total of 1,500 square meters and has other facilities, including: a restaurant for 80 diners with views of the submerged city, equipment and gift shops, spaces for events and meetings, and a hyperbaric chamber for 12 people , you know, recommended for the healing of the body.

Deep Dive Dubai
In addition to the indoor pool, there is a restaurant, a room for events or screens where you can see what is happening in the water

The water remains at a more than pleasant 30 degrees, enough not to cringe at the prospect of being cold in the sea… So, whether you want to learn to dive or are an expert, the attraction has multiple factors that will call your attention. attention. Although, if you don’t want to get wet, there’s nothing like relaxing watching an apocalyptic movie while you eat.

Deep Dive Dubai
The water is kept at a constant temperature of 30 degrees to enjoy the experience without getting cold

Riding a motorcycle, playing chess, playing the piano, or shooting a movie underwater has never been so easy to do, yes, if you have a training certificate issued by a recognized agency where they verify your training to use Trimix at 60 meters with the appropriate decompression gases… That, or put yourself in their hands so they can teach you. In any case, this construction puts another step in contemporary architecture because, like it or not, building outside our comfort radius enhances architecture.

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