Picasso inspires Port TLV, a mega-luxury complex in Tel Aviv

The most international Spanish artist has generated extensive creative inspiration, including in the world of architecture, for example, the new luxury complex that has begun construction in the Tel Aviv port.

The most international Spanish artist has generated extensive creative inspiration, including in the world of architecture, for example, the new luxury complex that has begun construction in the Tel Aviv port.

Growing implies realizing that changes are inevitable and that, if we take advantage of them, they can be positive. Many cities have realized the potential of spaces that originally had an industrial or port use, giving way to a new use for commercial, tourist or residential purposes. At The Luxonomist we have witnessed this phenomenon (always on the side of luxury) in cities like New York, London, Milan or Bilbao, and today we see it again in Tel Aviv.

Port TLV is a luxury project being built by the Hagag Group company in the center of the port of Tel Aviv, in Israel, a few meters from the beach. The port closed its doors on October 25, 1965, having been created in 1936 and inaugurated in 1938, which makes its «life» really short. However, due to its great location, an urban plan was drawn up for its reactivation, which began in 2009.

Tel Aviv
The building is located next to the port of the Israeli city

A unique building on the first line

Thus, the promoter of the event offers a unique building on the first line, a building for residential use with luxury suites, loft apartments and designer penthouses, the infographics make our mouths water and promise us a good place to enjoy. In addition, as a modern building it will also have several swimming pools and brand spaces on the ground floor, although the best will be the five-star hotel that will house the building.

Construction has already begun, and it is expected to be completed by 2022. The design has been carried out by one of the most prolific architects in the area, Ilan Pivko, whose studio was founded in 1981.

Port TLV tel aviv
The penthouses with pool will have the best views in the area

A luxury hotel and 40 apartments in Tel Aviv

It will have ten floors and will contain forty-four rooms and suites of a boutique hotel. The first two floors, the ground floor, will be for reception and shops, and the remaining seven for forty luxury apartments between one and four bedrooms.

With special mention for two mini-penthouses with private pools and two mega-penthouses with terraces and private pools on the roof, for five people. In other words, the truest luxury in the area, by the way, with canopies and spiral staircases worthy of study. To say that the two mega-penthouses will have the best views in the area is not telling a lie.

As we have already seen in other luxury buildings, private terraces prevail, which are located throughout the building, to take advantage of the good climate in the area. However, to guarantee maximum comfort, open mobile carpentry will be installed, «brise soleil» type, avoiding excessive heat accumulation and unwanted light intensity.

Port TLV tel aviv
The façade draws attention for being inspired by Picasso’s cubism

A community inspired by Picasso

The local media say that cubist inspiration pervades the project. This is based on the admiration generated by this artistic expression, whose greatest exponent is Pablo Picasso, without forgetting the painter Georges Braque. In the end, architecture is a technical and functional manifestation of art. The human being is always looking for something more than living, he wants to live in the best possible place, and there is nothing that calls us more than art.

All in all, cubism gives off a decomposition of reality that is difficult to transfer to architectural fact. In the building under construction, this decomposition comes from the configuration of the façade through the uneven and heterogeneous drilled carpentry, individually mobile, whose arbitrary use will give a rather pronounced cubist painting effect, congratulations to Pivko!!

Port TLV tel aviv
The rooms attract attention for their luminosity

Light and luxury, two of its main attractions

The interior will have high ceilings, abundant light due to floor-to-ceiling carpentry (we imagine that glass companies will be very happy with this trend), as few divisions as possible, and a practical but distinctive design. In the end, most apartments will change their style, new owners always want to leave their mark, and adapt the spaces to their way of understanding life.

The port is located in the Namal district, an attractive place with an abundance of recreational areas, entertainment, beaches, parks, restaurants, fashion boutiques and a busy nightlife, in the end, noise and bustle, which practically everyone likes. A good luxury property must be installed in a place like this, close to everything, but duly isolated, so that its owners feel safe, far away.

Port TLV tel aviv
The building will house a five-star hotel with a large art collection

Art, very present in the building

As a prize, the building’s double-height lobby will contain a changing collection of works of art by contemporary Israeli artists. As a second prize, residents will have a private elevator and access to the hotel’s amenities, that is, the gym, sauna, restaurant, cocktail bar, cinema or conference center areas.

This is without discounting the 24-hour service, express laundry, yacht tours, private chef, helicopter rides, etc. The hopes placed on the complex are so great that they believe that buyers will arrive from London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Miami or Los Angeles. If Picasso saw him, he would still ask for a suite.

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