How could Adele reform the mansion she has bought from Sylvester Stallone?

On very few occasions will you have seen such a spectacular change of owners, from the hands of the rough man par excellence to the hands of the current music diva.

On very few occasions will you have seen such a spectacular change of owners, from the hands of the rough man par excellence to the hands of the current music diva.

It is not the first time that we have witnessed a real estate transaction between celebrities. But it must be recognized that, from the poetic point of view, it is possible that it is one of the best transactions that we can observe. The reason: that we are witnessing the transfer of a luxurious mansion from the hands of the rude Sylvester Stallone to the delicate hands of one of the most important voices in the world, Adele.

mansión Adele
Adele buys Sylvester Stallone’s former home for 51 million euros

Adele seizes Sylvester Stallone’s mansion

Of course, the professionals in the field in Beverly Park are overjoyed, as several of them will probably have to remodel the wonderful residence. And it is that nobody expects Adele to maintain the current aesthetics of the mansion but, before starting to break down the building to see how it could change her new home, let’s give some data.

mansión Adele
The farm has a total of 14,000 square meters

The construction was built in 1994, the design fell into the hands of the architect Richard Landry, an expert in this type of property. They gave him a plot of 14,000 square meters, and reserved almost all of it for green spaces, creating an immense garden. Next to him, he built a building of 1,430 square meters.

mansión adele
The mansion has 1,430 square meters divided into eight rooms and eleven bathrooms

A house ready to reform

The mansion has 8 main rooms and 11 bathrooms, including toilets, as well as many other important rooms. Despite this, Stallone did not achieve his goal of selling it for 110 million dollars, about 96.8 euros, and finally Adele has acquired it for 58 million dollars, 51 euros.

mansión Adele
The house is decorated to the taste of the actor and with details in reference to Rocky

If the singer is thinking of carrying out a total renovation of the mansion, we would advise her not to radically break with the exterior aesthetics of the building. Its classic appearance, with an irregular plan, generating different heights of the roofs, or its entrance pediment, with Doric columns and windows that imitate the colonial style so in use in California in the last century, are some of its strengths.

mansión Adele
The kitchen is one of the largest spaces and is divided into two islands

The house has 1,430 square meters

Of course, the main step at the entrance can be eliminated, make another more comfortable transition, with an elegant and adaptable ramp. Likewise, its illustrious neighbors, among whom are Denzel Washington, Justin Bieber, Magic Johnson or Sofia Vergara, did not see it favorably, although on the other hand I don’t think they got too involved.

mansión adele
The statues, paintings and details of the movie Rocky are the main elements that Adele will have to eliminate

In short, without touching the façade, it still has about 1,430 square meters to remodel and, although the mansion belongs to the famous Rocky actor, the fact that everything in it reminds us of Stallone’s television success, makes it a theme park. So: «Adele, go ahead with the mansion renovation.»

mansión Adele
The house needs a major reform to adapt to the needs of the singer

The pool, the highlight of the exterior

The path that leads to the house in the middle of large trees, with well-kept hedges, grass and Italian cypresses can maintain it, although it would not hurt to hire a landscaper to implement some floral species that could brighten up the outdoor space. You could opt for native varieties, although if you are an aficionado, you could even introduce a small greenhouse at the other end of the farm.

mansión adele
The cinema area is one of the most spectacular and has details from Stallone’s movies

The mansion pool is magnificent, in fact, it is one of the most popular in the area for having an infinity edge and spectacular views. Still, we recommend removing those Rocky statues, moving it a bit closer to the edge of the lot, and putting in a glass wall. You can give it a more artistic shape, like a violin, a microphone or a lute, and add one or two more pools, one for those who have vertigo due to glass and another for children.

mansión adele
The views of the estate and the outdoor garden are one of the main attractions

We recommend removing the Rocky touch from the mansion

Inside the building it is another story. Please, Adele, change everything. For example, remove cultural references to the artist: statues, paintings, photos that are reminiscent of the more cinematic Stallone. In the entrance hall, change the black chandelier for a more colorful one and put some reference, painting or figure to your own diva status.

mansión Adele
The infinity pool is spectacular

Continue through the living room and change the black lamps for something according to you and the new furniture that you put. Remove the pool table and put a grand piano. Get rid of those rugs, and redo the fireplace with marble or minimalist touches. Also, change the carpentry to stylized black lines or with touches of color that can be combined with the tone of the interior paint that you give to the space.

The vaulted dome remains

mansión Adele
The outdoor area is renovated and needs few changes

It modifies the aesthetics of the dining room, although respecting its vaulted dome, but changes its artistic motifs. The kitchen is very well located, but the furniture does not talk about music, introduce your artistic wisdom and reformulate its texture, change its stereotypical straightness of two islands and execute a single island with a cantilevered bar. The breakfast table in front of large windows is ideal, but the frontal statue obstructs the view, remove it and change the mansion’s pavement.

The house is located in Beverly Park

The main room has a spectacular lamp, I like it, but the rest will be a thing of the past. Remove that grotesque table and change the sofas. Place a wooden floor that becomes the main jewel of that part of the house. Respect the movie theater, but remove all those pictures and furniture, put pictures of your hits and movie seats, the kind that give you massages and vibrate with the scenes.

mansion adele
Black decorative elements are abundant throughout the mansion

A mansion at the height of Adele’s voice

I’m not telling you anything about the bar, you know by now what I think. Delete it and create a gourmet space at your height, with views through those wonderful stained glass windows. The staircase needs to shine with its own light, replace its railing, generate more light towards it with new windows and, on the upper floor, change all the bedrooms. And please, especially shine with the bathrooms and dressing rooms, they need your touch.

mansión Adele
Adele will be a neighbor of other stars like Sofía Vergara

The mansion offers endless possibilities. The sauna seems like a very special place to comfort your body and mind. The terraces are very well located and have generous spaces. When you sign the purchase contract, call your trusted professional and make the mansion of the motley Rocky Balboa, the residence of the voice par excellence of the current music scene. And if he’s busy… Don’t hesitate to call me!! 😉.

Photos courtesy of Simon Berlyn

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