Do you want to stay at the incredible hotel-guitar?

A guitar-shaped hotel complex is coming to the structural summit, a place to give music to the good times we spend in Hollywood.


The guitar-shaped building that will mark a before and after in Hollywood, and on the planet, reaches its structural summit, since its iconic image will circulate through it to the last corner. But to be an icon, your existence must first make sense, and the meaning is given by belonging to the renowned firm Hard Rock, a franchise that was born in the 70s as a restaurant chain.

In fact, work is proceeding at a breakneck pace and the hotel is expected to be operational in mid-2019, before the 2020 Super Bowl, at the well-known Hard Rock Stadium. So, if you have not yet booked a hotel for this event, we advise you to wait a little to see if you can stay in this incredible new complex… Nothing like opening before a great event!

Guitar-shaped hotel will be Hollywood’s new draw

The developers are going to invest a total of 1.5 trillion dollars in the construction, which is equivalent to 1,260 million euros (almost nothing) and the property will be called Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. As the name indicates, the complex belongs to the Seminoles indigenous tribe, from Florida, which have turned out to be excellent tycoons by incorporating into their assets, in 2007, the company Hard Rock International, Inc. for a figure of 965 million dollars (725 euros).

But let’s continue with ours teme, the skyscraper will reach the height of 137 meters and the intention of its owners is to make it one of the most recognized places in the world, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Gateway Arch of Saint Louis. It is clear that they bet high, although in honor of the truth, it will be easy for them to achieve it with this design made by the architecture studio Klai Juba Wald Architects and based on the original idea of ​​the President of Hard Rock International, James F. Allen.

It will have all kinds of facilities for the recreation of its guests

The new tower will be prepared to house 806 rooms of which 638 will be inside the «iconic guitar», with the novelty that the minimum area of ​​each will be 47 square meters. The rest of the residences will be located in an annex building, seven storeys high, which will house 168 rooms and suites. In total, the accommodation offer will be around 1,300 rooms, if we join the ones that the hotel currently owns in its old building.

As a good leisure complex, it will boast other activities such as 5,500 square meters for coffee shops, restaurants, lounges, a business center and a 3,800 square meter spa. In addition, as it is a casino, you can invest your money with 3,267 slot machines, 178 table games (such as blackjack or baccarat), in addition to 1,700 square meters dedicated to poker and, not least, a theater that will replace Hard Rock Live designed by Scene Plus, with 7,000 seats with its own television studio and broadcast center to produce and televise all kinds of events.

Hard Rock manages numerous resorts around the world

The best will be the ‘Bora Bora Experience’, a pool branch that will occupy four hectares under the main building, with private villas that will delight the most daring, since they will offer private pools and butler. This is indeed a luxurious experience. They have also designed a lake where you can ride canoes or pedal boats while enjoying the view of the artificial waterfalls.

Last November a ceremony was held to mark the beginning of the construction in which they destroyed several guitars, something traditional in the openings of the Hard Rock rooms, with music and others. The 36-storey tower is being built with reinforced concrete and will be covered with a lattice of metal and glass, forming the silhouette of a guitar, they say, on a real scale.

The hotel will have more than 800 rooms

Other renowned companies that have joined the party have been Rockwell Group, based in New York; EDSA, a landscape company; Wilson Associates of Dallas; Wimberly Interiors, specialists in interior design; Cleo Design, a Las Vegas design firm; and Laurence Lee Associates based in Los Angeles. Although, of course, the queen of companies is always the construction company, this honor goes to a proud North American company: Suffolk. The fact is, however, that our pupils will be able to enjoy a tremendous image: that of a 137-meter-high guitar where they can spend unforgettable moments.

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