The queen of dragons sold her «cave» for 3.6 million

A few days ago Emilia Clarke sold her magnificent home, where she lived for several years while filming the series that made her popular: Game of Thrones.

A few days ago Emilia Clarke sold her magnificent home, where she lived for several years while filming the series that made her popular: Game of Thrones.

Los Angeles is always in our retinas when we think of Hollywood stars, we imagine great mansions, with very high and unbridled lifestyles, with a lot of art on the walls, jewels in the trunks and landscaped spaces, where to celebrate many parties. Of course, there can’t be so much luxury for all the components of the cinematographic spectrum par excellence, so, as always, the middle class appears, the one that makes its way, the one that aspires to more.

The now very popular actress Emilia Clarke must have found herself at that point when she began shooting the Game of Thrones series, playing the powerful Queen of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. So, in the year 2016, when her popularity was already unstoppable, she decided to buy her own “cave”. To house dragons, family and other friends in it. A «cave» in the form of a house, in which to develop a calm and happy life. We have no idea if she got it, but we can tell you a few things about the house…

Emilia Clarke
The house is located on an elongated plot (Photo: Abramson Architects)

Emilia Clarke bought this house in 2016

The first is that it has a name, it is called the Goodman Residence and it is located at number 645 Milwood Ave, in Venice, California (of course), in addition, it was built in 2009 and is located on an elongated plot, a shape of use of the very abundant land in this part of the city. In addition, the house is a 15-minute walk from the beach, 5 by car and, in dragon, we imagine that less… Although we cannot prove it!

Emilia Clarke
The house is about a fifteen minute walk from the beach (Photo: Abramson Architects)

Anyway, the fact is that the kingdom’s favorite actress (she was born in London, England), sold her fabulous mansion at the end of last year (the disastrously popular 2020). She did it for the not inconsiderable figure of 4.4 million dollars, 3.63 euros, a value slightly below the purchase price (4.6). With this, she has made a good real estate deal, but it has not been a catastrophic sale either: she takes a large group of memories (that’s for sure).

Emilia Clarke
The house is located in Venice, California (Photo: Abramson Architects)

The house has two floors and many open spaces

And it is that the simile is sung, a house is still our cave, a place to take refuge from the inclement external storm, a place to take shelter from enemies, and, at the same time, a comfortable space to relax. Clarke’s former home fits these parameters perfectly. Developed on two floors, its geometry shields us from prying eyes, while at the same time giving us open and safe spaces.

Emilia Clarke
The structure gives us open and safe spaces (Photo: Abramson Architects)

From the outside we can see how a powerful rectangle emerges from the fences, with almost no gaps in the habitable façade and with a regular finish in the form of projections and recesses, capable of including the windows in its recesses. The gray stucco finish, applied with a steel trowel, guarantees its great durability. The material has a useful life of between 50 and 70 years. Its high breathability also lengthens the life inside, avoiding the dreaded humidity.

Emilia Clarke
The master bedroom has access to its own dressing room (Photo: Abramson Architects)

The house is less than 300 square meters

The building is located on a plot of 485 square meters, is distributed over two floors, reaching 260 square meters built. They have two bedrooms on the upper floor, three bathrooms (one per bedroom and one on the ground floor), a living room which is accessed from the main door, a kitchen-dining room, and a distributor that leads to the garage on the ground floor. back of the property, with a separate gate to a community road.

Emilia Clarke
Practical and very well used interiors (Photo: Abramson Architects)

At the ends of the building, two structures emerge as porticoes, one protected by large glass doors, forming part of the interior of the house, and another, on the opposite side, without any protection, allowing a comfortable and practical recreation area to the open air (with ferns on the roof), without the nuisance of direct sun or the harmful effects of rainwater, in short, a special room where you can spend the delicious afternoons that the Californian climate offers.

Emilia Clarke
The windows on both sides of the house provide the spaces with plenty of natural light (Photo: Abramson Architects)

It has a swimming pool and large windows.

The house is a hymn to solar exploitation, as well as a space connected to the green, where the remaining plot has been used for gardens. You can enjoy them at the entrance, at the exit and in the center, where an elongated pool invites us to enjoy this magnificent space (not a house without a pool, please). To establish this dichotomy between openness and privacy, the architects at Abramson Architects used concrete and glass as important materials.

Powerful concrete walls allow the essential dividing walls to exist, in addition to ensuring extensive durability. In contrast, large glass carpentry is located in the interior openings of the house, all those that allow the transition to the green areas and the pool. In addition, the staircase that connects the two floors is executed through an open steel structure. It is white, with washed concrete steps (in which granules of white marble stand out against the gray background.

Emilia Clarke
The house has two floors and many open spaces (Photo: Abramson Architects)

Emilia Clarke adapted this house built in 2006 to her style

The flooring on the ground floor also pays homage to floated concrete, creating clean surfaces, in play with the exposed concrete of the walls. But of course, there is also wood. On the upper floor as flooring, on the ground floor in the form of a very elongated medium-height piece of furniture that runs along the entire side, becoming a kitchen countertop near the entrance hall. And as a desk in its central area, near the stairs, and becoming a multimedia area at the end, next to the garage. This furniture genius is reflected on the opposite side, and shorter (where the main room is located), with a beautiful bookcase that reaches three and a half meters high, of the almost five that the room has.

Emilia Clarke
The pool is one of its main attractions (Photo: Abramson Architects)

This shelf was designed for the developer of the house, who had a large collection of books, maybe he had Game of Thrones and everything… (although we can’t say that, obviously). The piece of furniture incorporates a beautiful stone fireplace into its interior, for the most intimate and romantic moments, or to take off the cold of winter, being more pragmatic. Other professionals involved in the creation of the building are the contractor Oliver Construction Company, the interior designer Betty Young, and the landscape EIS Studio, the company Trespa added its aluminum panels to the interior and exterior. The generous house has already found a new owner, will it be a friend of the actress? Anyone attracted by her popularity? Experience tells us no. That whoever bought it probably did so because of its fantastic residential conditions, nobody wants to face the cold of the North (bad joke).

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