Matthew McConaughey’s platonic home in Hawaii

The artist McConaughey has bought a "small" house near the sea.

The artist McConaughey has bought a «small» house near the sea.

We can’t help it, we like to live comfortably, but with stress; close to everything, but far from civilization; isolated but connected; with neighbors, but don’t bother… In short, we are not going to discover the enormous disappointment of human beings here and now, it is clear, but we can always focus on it. Above all to continue learning and improving our main living spaces, among which, obviously, are our residences. And the famous actor Matthew McConaughey could not be more human.

Although as a good artist that he is, even this would generate doubts (it makes my hair stand on end to remember his performance in the series True Detective). But no, with his latest real estate purchase he has proven to be a fine specimen of the species. Of course, with good taste, given that the house is located, nothing more and nothing less than, on the coast of Hawaii (we are envious…).

Matthew McConaughey casa
The house is located on the coast of Hawaii

Matthew McConaughey bought the house for nearly $7.9 million.

It is a property within a luxury community, called Kukio Golf and Beach Club, with a high economic value, the cost of the mansion reached 7,845 million dollars (6.44 euros), a bargain for 495 meters built squares, in which its rooms are developed, including six bedrooms and six bathrooms (you know, the 1/1 rule), all this immersed in a plot of just over 4,000 square meters. Wonderful.

The «creature» (we refer to the house) was built recently, last year 2020 and has as its «parent» the architect Paul Bleck, who has contributed to the formation of the luxurious community with several projects and who distributed the plant of the construction to obtain magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean, nothing to envy the actor’s native Texas.

Matthew McConaughey
The house has everything for a family

Low-rise buildings with sea views

As established by Hawaiian regulations, the building has, from the air, the traditional architectural fracture of the area: low-rise buildings with sloping roofs ending in eaves of different materials, ceramic tiles, metal plates, wooden or PVC tiles, etc. In this case, elegant textured flat tiles protect the floor of the building, in a «U» shape, in addition, the property is enclosed by thick walls of volcanic stone.

Of course, the house has everything for a family that intends to receive important visitors, with two main suites, two very well-equipped kitchens, yes, one inside the house and another outside (to enjoy the good weather), two bonfires, and, to my delight, two swimming pools!! The best, the one with an infinity edge and located at the end closest to the ocean… Who gives more!

Matthew McConaughey
The practicable carpentry allows the rooms to be fully opened

Some rooms can be opened to the garden

The main kitchen is located in the largest room in the building, with a living room at the other end, with elegant and very comfortable sofas facing a marble wall that supports an infinite-inch television. On both sides, practicable carpentry to completely open up the room and literally be outdoors, with a garden on one side, and a terrace with a generous Chill Out and an outdoor dining room on the other.

The pavement is divided between limestone in the most public and/or work and toilet rooms, and wide and robust oak floors in the most private rooms, such as the bedrooms, the rest room or the reading room. And it is that wood plays a fundamental role in this construction: it is used as a support structure for the property, as flooring and in the form of personalized carpentry.

Matthew McConaughey
A spacious house with a huge outdoor garden

A house that Matthew McConaughey will enjoy to the fullest

The lighting is discreetly integrated into the false ceiling, where the air conditioning installation also passes, this false ceiling, we imagine of laminated plasterboard, holds elegant wooden fans. But, attention, three places deserve special attention (apart from the pools, obviously). The first is the kitchen island, covered in Italian marble par excellence: Calacatta, a place to meet at any time and with any excuse.

The second is composed of the wine cellar and the cellar; wine lovers will appreciate better than anyone the importance of a place like this. And the third is outside, on the edge of the lot on a stone circle. It is a bonfire that will allow the actor, family and friends to spend some pleasant moments with views of the Pacific.

Spacious and bright rooms on the same floor that Matthew McConaughey can enjoy

The outdoor areas allow numerous outdoor activities

Of course, the idea of ​​a single storey villa allows for the placement of doors in (almost) every room. So much so, that each suite has three doors. One that communicates with the living room, another with the outside (huge door that, when opened, seems to leave the room outdoors), and a third to the bathroom, with access to a part of the land with an outdoor shower.

The infinity pool or the bonfire are two of its attractions

There are great ideas in this house. Great not because they are new, but because they take advantage of the tools they have to fully enjoy the place where they are. For example, the exterior platforms are concrete tiles, immersed in grass, with dimensions that make transit easy, and, at the same time, guarantee that the material does not crack and lasts… ugh! The same as the success of the actor!! (which will be a lot)

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